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Visit one of the cafés in Zwolle during an evening out. Because of the versatility there is bound to be a café where you feel completely at home. A barista café, a typical local pub, a café with live music or rather a café-restaurant? It's all possible, because the choice is huge in Zwolle!

The nicest Zwolle regulars

Zwolle has many tribal pubs where the Bluefingers like to come. The Tagrijn is one of them. The Tagrijn is one of the oldest pubs in Zwolle and has a rich history. For example, the pub in Zwolle has functioned as a residence to a brothel, and from storage to a pub. In 2017, the building opened its doors to serve as a café.

Café Het Beugeltje is also a popular pub in the Hanseatic city. Due to its ideal location on the canal and its unique housing in the historic Wine Carrier Tower, people love coming here for a drink on a sunny day.

Barista Cafe in Zwolle

Barista café
Barista café

At a barista café you order your favorite coffee. Often baristas make a beautiful artwork of your coffee. Besides the fact that the coffee often looks beautiful, it also tastes good. Baristas know all the ins and outs of coffee and therefore know exactly how to prepare your order.

At Barista Café Zwolle you experience it for yourself. The baristas welcome you with open arms in this cozy meeting place. Enjoy a nice lunch with a friend or take a seat by yourself in the seating area. The Barista Café in Zwolle is located in the middle of the city center, which makes it easy to combine with a day of shopping in Zwolle.

For the best coffee you can also go to Espressobar Maling. The passion and experience of the owners of the store you can certainly taste back in the coffees. Order your favorite with something tasty from the bakery. Unique to Espressobar Maling: if you are celebrating a party or organizing another event, you can even hire a barista on location with a coffee bar.

Pubs in Zwolle with live music

With the feet on the floor in a bar with live music? Jack's Music Bar it is! Every weekend you can enjoy live music here: from ska and blues to rock and metal. Listen to the best tunes while enjoying an American beer, a good whiskey or another drink. Or bring your friends for a game of pool or darts.

Another café in Zwolle with live music is The Dublin House. Regularly talents perform here to entertain the guests of the café in Zwolle. While enjoying your favorite drink and a delicious drinkboard you listen to the most beautiful voices and notes on the guitar. Keep an eye on the socials of The Dublin House to know when you should be here for live music.

Every Wednesday local musicians take the stage at The Flying Horse. This can be something different every week: from jam sessions to music bingo. Het Vliegende Paard also calls itself Zwolle's biggest student room, so students should not skip this café in Zwolle. Do you make music yourself and want to share it with the public? Get in touch with this student pub in Zwolle and who knows, you might soon be sharing your talent with the public.

Het Vliegende Paard
Het Vliegende Paard

Cafe restaurants in Zwolle

Do you want a bite to eat in an accessible and cozy restaurant? Then visit one of the cafe restaurants in Zwolle. Whether you come along for an extensive drink, a quick drink or dinner: it's all possible in the cafe-restaurants in Zwolle.

If you are near the station, Grand Café Lubeck is a must. The café is located right behind the station and therefore ideal if you're traveling by train or bus. Order a delicious chicken satay to end the day or just start the day in Zwolle with a coffee + pastry.

De Belgische Keizer is also worth a visit. The café in Zwolle is located right in the center and is therefore ideal during a visit to the center of Zwolle. You will find a delicious food menu, but also a very extensive drink menu. During a visit to the café-restaurant you can choose from many special beers.

Café Blij in Zwolle

Café Blij in Zwolle is perhaps one of the most famous cafes in Zwolle. This can not be otherwise, because if you visit the center of Zwolle, the city cafe can not miss you. The café in Zwolle is located right in the center, on the Grote Markt.

Seven days a week Café Blij in Zwolle is open. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, tea: it's all here. The chefs prepare with all their love something delicious for you, whatever it may be. Are you looking for a suitable location for an event? Then the café in Zwolle is ready for you.

Grote Markt Zwolle
Grote Markt Zwolle

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