Bouldering in Zwolle

The outing for adventurers

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Bouldering in Zwolle is the perfect outing for the adventurous among us. Show what you're made of and climb all the way to the top. Or conquer your fear of heights! Go bouldering in Zwolle with colleagues as a team building activity or surprise your true love with an original date.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering, maybe it's the first time you've heard the word. Or have you heard of it before, but don't really know exactly what it entails? We'll explain it to you. It is a huge upcoming sport in the Netherlands, and that's not surprising. Literally bouldering means: climbing on a rock. If you translate 'boulder' from English into Dutch it means rock.

We know bouldering in the Netherlands as climbing a climbing wall. In the Netherlands we don't have boulders to climb, but we do have boulder halls. These climbing walls are a simulation of boulders and have a maximum height of about 4 meters. You do bouldering without a climbing harness or ropes. But don't worry: there are thick mats under the climbing walls to ensure your safety.

Actually bouldering is just like a puzzle. You figure out yourself the best way to get from point A to point B. As a beginner this is of course a completely different route than when you are already an experienced climber. By practicing a lot, you will notice a real improvement at a certain moment!

Where can I go bouldering in Zwolle?

Bouldering is also possible in Zwolle. Get on your bike and go to Boulderhal Roest in Zwolle. You'll find the huge hall on the Marsweg. The bouldering hall in Zwolle is open daily from 9:00 to 23:00.

You don't have to be a professional climber to boulder in Zwolle. Bouldering is very accessible because you don't really need anything. That is why bouldering in Zwolle is also easy to do without experience. You do bouldering without equipment, courses or a climbing partner. You do it all by yourself! Of course you can encourage each other. Even better: that makes it even more fun.

Is this your first time bouldering? Then start on one of the many easy circuits. There is even a circuit especially for children. This makes bouldering in Zwolle the perfect outing for the whole family. Are mom and dad not that adventurous but does your child have energy he/she would like to expend? Bouldering in Zwolle is the perfect activity for a children's party! The kids will step outside their comfort zone and you'll see their self-confidence grow. Want to bet they'll be talking about it for a long time?

Have you been bouldering before? Then the bouldering hall in Zwolle is the right place for you. The circuits on one of the wall sections are replaced every week. This keeps it challenging and exciting. By bouldering in Zwolle on a regular basis, you'll improve your strength, stamina and coordination and it's also great fun. Become a bouldering fan? Then consider getting a membership or a strippenkaart to bouldering in Zwolle.

Children bouldering
Children bouldering

Course bouldering

For beginners, or experienced boulderers who want to develop themselves, several courses are offered. Boulderhal Roest offers four courses to develop your bouldering skills. As a beginner for example, you can take the technique course, in which you learn all about the right techniques for bouldering. By taking this course right from the start, you'll be able to use the right techniques every time you go bouldering in Zwolle.

Are you already experienced? Then follow the super session. This course takes place every month, so every month you will have a super session on a different theme.

Difference between climbing and bouldering

You may wonder what the difference is between bouldering and climbing. The big difference is in the equipment. With climbing you need equipment like climbing belts and rope. You also need a climbing partner to assist you. The climbing walls are also a lot higher than boulder walls. Bouldering on the other hand is something you do all by yourself, without equipment or climbing partner. The thick mats under the walls ensure your safety.

Climbing halls

Besides bouldering in Zwolle, it is also possible to climb on climbing walls. At Klim- & Outdoorcentrum Yosemite you will find no less than 1200 m2 of climbing wall and over 120 routes to choose from! These routes vary monthly so that you remain challenged if you climb here more often. Please note: independent climbing is only possible here with demonstrable climbing experience. No experience? Then follow an introductory lesson or a challenging course.

Bouldering in Zwolle
Bouldering in Zwolle

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