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Are you planning a visit to Zwolle? Super fun! There is plenty to do in the versatile Hanseatic city. To give you some ideas, we have compiled a list of the best activities in Zwolle. Which activities in Zwolle are you planning?

Fun activities in Zwolle

Zwolle is an incredibly versatile city. There is plenty to do, for young and old. Whether you are looking for an active outing or a quieter activity in Zwolle: it's all possible! To give you some inspiration for your day out in Zwolle, we put together a list of the ten best activities in Zwolle.

  1. 10

    Vintage shoppen

    Vintage shopping is better for the environment and for your wallet. Of course, it is also great fun to browse through all kinds of second-hand stuff. Go in search of the gems during this activity in Zwolle.

  2. 9

    Terras hoppen

    What could be nicer than a spontaneous visit to the terrace in Zwolle on a sunny day? The terraces in Zwolle welcome you with open arms. Take a seat, lean back and enjoy a delicious drink and snack. Take a seat on a sunny terrace on a summer's day. Or find a covered terrace in Zwolle on rainy days.

  3. 8

    Round of supping

    Looking for a fun activity in Zwolle on a hot summer day? Take to the water! Zwolle's canals are ideally suited to a round of supping. Take a lap around the centre and experience the cosiness of the Hanseatic city or find some peace and quiet by supping away from the centre.

  4. 7

    Climbing and scrambling in the bouldering hall

    Bouldering is the activity in Zwolle for the adventurous among us. Show what you are made of and climb all the way to the top. Or overcome your fear of heights! Go bouldering with colleagues as a teambuilding activity or surprise your great love with an original date.

  5. 6

    Feet off the floor during Zwolle nightlife

    Do you like to party? Then stepping out is the activity in Zwolle for you! Zwolle has all the ingredients for an enjoyable evening. Although you won't find any big discotheques in Zwolle, you have plenty of choice from the vibrant nightlife scene. Let that party begin! Get all your friends together to dance the night away.

  6. 5

    Local beer tasting

    Did you know that Zwolle has its own beers? A delicious cold Zwolle beer brewed in your own city, you can hardly do better than that! Discover Zwolle's breweries during this activity in Zwolle. Bohemean, LOK beer, Axes Castellum, Hettinga or Den Duiyk: which one is your favourite? Let us know!

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    Soak up culture in Zwolle's unique museums

    A day sniffing culture is the perfect activity in Zwolle for culture lovers. Besides impressive museums, such as Museum de Fundatie and the Herman Brood Museum, Zwolle has special exhibitions and cosy music and theatre evenings. Plenty to do!

  8. 3

    Sports activities in Zwolle

    There is also no shortage of sporting activities in Zwolle. We already mentioned bouldering, but of course there are many more possibilities. Go wild on trampolines, rent an e-chopper with your friends or bring out the adventurer in you in a climbing hall! Sports enthusiasts are in the right place in Zwolle.

  9. 2

    Get to know Zwolle on a city walk

    Walking has become very popular in recent years. This activity in Zwolle is a low-threshold way of exercising and the ideal way to get to know a new city. Choose from different city walks in various themes. This way, you will learn a lot about artists from Zwolle or about Zwolle during the war.

  10. 1

    Shooting photos in beautiful locations

    Shoot some Instagrammable photos in beautiful Zwolle! In our Hanseatic city, you will find plenty of photogenic spots. The characterful centre of Zwolle has many special spots that can yield Instagram-worthy pictures. How about the Thorbeckegracht, for instance? Another good photo shoot location in Zwolle are the old streets of our Hanseatic city.

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