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Travel to Zwolle by public transport is the ideal way to go to the Hanseatic city. Due to its central location, Zwolle is easily accessible from all over the Netherlands. The accessibility within Zwolle is also good. Rent a public transport bike or take the bus to your desired destination.

Public transportation in Zwolle

With eight connections, Zwolle is the second-largest rail hub in the Netherlands. Every hour about 25 trains come and go. Zwolle station is a major hub with lines from Kampen, Enschede, Deventer, Amersfoort, Emmen, Lelystad and Meppel, among others. At Zwolle station you will find the carriers NS and Blauwnet.

Besides trains, there are also many bus lines going to and from Zwolle station. Public transport in Zwolle is therefore well organized. So come a day with the public transport to Zwolle and leave the car at home. It's good for the environment and the train ride is also fun if you travel together.

Train in Zwolle
Train in Zwolle

The station offers various facilities such as an elevator, toilet (for the disabled), luggage lockers, OV-bicycle rental, bicycle parking, ticket machines, GWX and Greenwheels. In addition, there are opportunities to get a bite to eat (to go), such as an AH To Go, Julia's, The Döner Company, Smullers and Starbucks.

Travel times by train from Zwolle

The ideal thing about public transport in Zwolle is that you can easily reach many places from the Hanseatic city. The travel times by train from Zwolle of course vary by destination. For example, the travel time to Rotterdam is much longer than the travel time to Deventer. But the more time you have to socialize with your travel companions. The travel times by train from Zwolle are:

  • Amsterdam = 65 minutes
  • Apeldoorn = 38 minutes
  • Arnhem = 59 minutes
  • Deventer = 24 minutes
  • Enschede = 50 minutes
  • Groningen = 57 minutes
  • Leeuwarden = 56 minutes
  • Lelystad = 25 minutes
  • Rotterdam = 95 minutes
  • Utrecht = 52 minutes

Reachability Zwolle center

Did you come to Zwolle by public transport? Then, if you travel by train, you will arrive at the station in Zwolle. From the station you can easily reach the center of Zwolle. From the front of the station walk into Stationsweg and then turn left into Burgemeester van Roijensingel. Via the Nieuwe Havenbrug (over the Stadsgracht), which turns into the Luttekestraat, you walk into the center of Zwolle.

Would you like to go to the center by bike? In front of the station you will find an underground [bicycle] parking (page://46580 "Fietsenstalling Zwolle"). Here you can easily rent a public transport bike. However you want to go to the center, the accessibility of Zwolle center is excellent.

Buses in Zwolle

Zwolle Station
Zwolle Station

There are no less than 14 bus lines in Zwolle. All of these bus lines depart from Zwolle Station and travel to other final destinations. Examples of these destinations are Aa-landen, the stadium, Ittersumerbroek and the Deltion College. Because of these bus lines you can reach many places by bus in Zwolle. There are mainly electric buses that are equipped with Wi-Fi, USB charging points, an electric wheelchair board and seats for the disabled.

Also many places outside Zwolle can be reached by bus. For example, do you come from a village in the surroundings of Zwolle which has no train station? Then in many cases you can just take the bus.

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