Boat Boutique

Have you always wanted to experience what it is like to live and sleep on a boat? As a guest of Boat Boutique in Zwolle, you'll experience it all. This B&B houseboat is situated in the canal of Zwolle.

The interior is charming and personal, the facilities modern and luxurious and the ship is all yours, so plenty of privacy.

You enjoy the view of the water, but do not miss the dynamics of the city because the boat is in the centre of Zwolle. All the conveniences of the city are therefore within walking distance. An ideal place to discover the city during a weekend or midweek break! And remember, you don't have to do anything on Boat Boutique, except let your worries fly...

Immerse yourself

Sleeping on a houseboat, is sleeping on the water. An overnight stay on this tjalk is therefore a unique experience. The boat Dewiati was built in 1910 and has been modernised after a thorough renovation into a luxury Bed & Breakfast for two people. By preserving all the authentic boat elements, Boat Boutique is a unique sleeping address in Zwolle. The comfortable bed, the good bath and bed linen and the fully equipped kitchen bring comfort. The tasteful interior makes the boat embrace you; let it gently rock you to sleep ... In the sheltered cockpit of the ship you can enjoy the sun, even in winter. And you can sleep in as long as you like, because we will not disturb you with a breakfast. At the corner of the quay there is a shop for bread, cheese and eggs, and of course you can also go into town for breakfast.