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Looking for that perfect, intimate place in Zwolle for your next brainstorming session or team meeting? A place away from the daily grind of your office? You're in luck! Zwolle offers plenty of unique small meeting locations that are both inspiring and cozy. Let's take a quick look at the top locations for small meeting in this vibrant city.

Zwolle, great in small-scale meetings

In the middle of the country, where the IJssel meanders and breathes history, lies Zwolle. This is the ideal place for your next small-scale meeting. You may be wondering: why Zwolle in particular? Well, that's simple! Zwolle combines the best of both worlds. On the one hand you have the conviviality and charm of a historic Hanseatic city, on the other the modern facilities and accessibility of a bustling city.

Located in the northeastern part of the country, Zwolle is easily accessible from every corner. Whether you come from the bustling west or the quiet north, you'll be on location in no time. And once there, the possibilities are endless. But it's not just the location and possibilities that make Zwolle so special. It's the atmosphere of the city itself. The historic facades, the winding alleys and the cozy terraces. Here, small-scale meetings don't feel like work, but like an outing. And that's exactly why small meeting locations in Zwolle are a great idea!

Small meeting locations with a central location

Arriving late to the meeting due to an inconvenient location? That will not happen to you in Zwolle! Because here you will find plenty of small meeting locations in central locations.

Pillows](, for example, the Pillows Grand Hotel ter Borch. Located right next to the train station, this historic city villa is the perfect address for anyone arriving by train. The atmosphere? Elegant and homey, with two meeting rooms. Whether you're with a select party of twelve or a larger group of up to fifty, you'll feel right at home.

Just down the road and practically opposite the train station, Bilderberg Grand Hotel Wientjes awaits you. With roots dating back to 1867, this hotel offers a fine blend of history and contemporary comfort. And for intimate gatherings? Rooms like Nahuys and Royer are ideal for that, where you can meet with up to fifty people in peace and quiet.

And for those looking for something really special, there is ROOM25 Zwolle. A stone's throw away from the city center, here you dive into an industrial loft. From smaller teams of 4 people to larger groups of 22, this creative setting will have you bursting with new ideas.

Small-scale meeting and overnight stay

A great advantage of meeting in a hotel is the ability to stay overnight, ideal for multi-day meetings or for guests from afar. In addition to excellent meeting rooms, these addresses offer you the comfort of a comfortable hotel room, should the brainstorming session turn into a late one. And honestly, what could be better than plopping down on a soft bed in a fresh hotel room after a long day? We've already mentioned two small meeting venues at hotels above, but there are more!

Mercure Hotel Zwolle

Mercure]( have meeting rooms and you have meeting rooms with flair. [Mercure Hotel Zwolle]](location://23253"Mercure Hotel Zwolle") has sixteen of them! Especially the small meeting rooms are a hit if you want to have meetings in Zwolle. You choose the ideal setting for your meeting, whether it's in a theatrical, u-shape or classroom setting. Plus point: the location is close to the A28, which your guests will certainly appreciate.

Hotel and Restaurant Campanile

Meeting in a musty room without any inspiration will produce few original ideas. At Campanile you don't have to worry about that! With four meeting rooms, Campanile offers options for groups from two to seventy people. In addition, there are some ideal, small meeting rooms. Thus, there is a suitable space for everyone!

The small meeting rooms are bathed in natural light and equipped with a coffee machine and refrigerator for those well-deserved breaks. Various audiovisual resources have also been considered, including a beamer with screen, flipchart and even an overhead projector.

Meet small, think big!

Want to get away from that daily office routine and brainstorm in a creative environment? Then Zwolse theaters is your go-to. Our favorite is the small meeting venue the Living Room. This is a newly renovated meeting room designed specifically for groups of 10 to 12 people. Includes a cozy kitchenette and stage. Does a technical hiccup occur during your presentation? Don't panic! The helpful technicians of Zwolse theaters are always at your fingertips.

And if you are in Zwolle anyway: end the meeting in the cozy center! After a productive day, you deserve a drink or a walk along the historic facades of the Hanseatic city. Because you know, small-scale meetings mean big enjoyment. Treat yourself and your team to the best Zwolle has to offer!

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