Days out with children in Zwolle

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A day out with kids in Zwolle guarantees a fun and adventurous day! It's no problem if it rains or the sun shines, because in Zwolle you can find both indoor and outdoor activities. For example, visit a true climbing and clambering paradise, play glow-in-the-dark golf in the jungle or learn all about dinosaurs in Dinoland.

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    Bonami Game Console Museum

    Bonami is a unique interactive museum in Zwolle. In the museum you don't just look, but as many as 250 people can play the game consoles simultaneously. In addition, you can admire in the museum collectors items, all kinds of special games and merchandise products. As the icing on the cake, you can also let your hair down in the impressive arcade hall. In short: Bonami is a unique experience for young and old.

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    Djambo Kidsplay

    Djambo Kidsplay is the ideal place to go with your kids on a rainy day. In the indoor playground the kids can climb and clamber around all day. They can ride in cars, climb on the volcano and have fun on the sports field. With a little luck they will even meet Timba, the mascot! Going out with small children? There are two play corners especially for toddlers. Older children (up to 12 years old) can go into the large play hall.

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    Krazy Kangaroo Zwolle

    Go wild at Krazy Kangaroo Zwolle! Jump together as high as you can on the trampolines and show each other the coolest tricks. Looking for a challenge? Try out the ninja course or compete against each other in a game of dodgeball or slam dunk. In between the exercise you can visit the Krazy Kangaroo restaurant. This is also the right place for a birthday party, because the birthday boy or girl can celebrate their birthday here with all their friends.

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    Monkey Town Zwolle

    For the adventurous, Monkey Town in Zwolle is a must! All day long the kids can enjoy themselves in this play paradise with ball pools, trampolines and climbing frames. Parents: take a book or games with you, because chances are you won't see your kids for a long time because they are too busy doing other things. Did they get hungry from all the climbing and scrambling? Understandable! Order some tasty food and drinks so they can get going again.

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    GlowGolf Zwolle

    Go for an exciting and playful day of glow-in-the-dark mini golf in Zwolle! Take a trip around the world in the dark and watch your eyes in the glow-in-the-dark jungle and seas. Along the way you will encounter all kinds of animals. But don't get too distracted, because you also have to hit the right holes while golfing! For an extreme challenge you put on 3D glasses so you can see everything in 3D effect and it becomes even more intense. Will you manage to hit a hole-in-one with all the obstacles?

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    Dinoland Zwolle

    Admire hundreds of dinosaurs and learn everything about them in Dinoland Zwolle! Tinker with dinosaurs yourself and use your imagination to imagine how you think they used to look. Clay, paint, iron beads and draw: everything is possible here. You can even dig up dinosaurs! But there are many other possibilities. For example, go play mini-golf, have a game of laser tag among the dinosaurs or clamber around in the playground.

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    The Great Escape

    Experience an exciting day together at The Great Escape. Choose for yourself which riddle you want to solve. Choose for example The Lost Package, where you and your detective team find out where all the valuable packages are. Or step into The Courtroom where you can experience your own court case. Will you solve it together and escape from The Great Escape or will the mystery remain unsolved?

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