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Did you know that Zwolle is the perfect city for a city break in the Netherlands? This Hanseatic city has many surprising hotspots and special attractions. We have listed all hotspots Zwolle for you, so you can get the most out of your visit!

All the hotspots of multifaceted Zwolle

From restaurants, museums, stores and cozy cafes: Zwolle is a super versatile city and has something for everyone. The nice thing about Zwolle is how the historic center is the place where you can find the hippest addresses. With all these hotspots in Zwolle you can easily entertain yourself for a few days!

Now that the long evenings and summer temperatures are coming our way again and the sun is showing itself more often, this is the perfect time to plan a trip to Zwolle. Below are all the hotspots in Zwolle in terms of shopping, food and culture. These are the places you do not want to miss during a visit to this city!

The shopping hotspots of Zwolle

Zwolle has a large number of shopping hotspots. Besides many major clothing brands you can also find cute concept stores and unique boutiques. The Sassenstraat is one of the shopping streets in Zwolle that has several shopping hotspots. That the Sassenstraat can be found in the 'Top 10 best shopping streets in the Netherlands' is no surprise!

Sassy Zwolle
Sassy Zwolle

For example, you can find the clothing store Sassy. This hotspot Zwolle is a popular store, where you can score trendy clothing and accessories. Across the street is another great store, namely: Spotted. This clothing store sells Scandinavian brands and is always on the lookout for the latest trends. Stuffed bags guaranteed! One of the most unique stores in Zwolle is undoubtedly Van der Velde in de Broeren. Here you just have to walk in! This bookstore is located in the Broerenkerk and is truly breathtaking. Whether you're a bookworm or not, this bookstore is guaranteed to be the best you'll ever visit!


Another shopping hotspot in Zwolle is Moonloft. It really feels like being in a candy store as a kid again: so many fun things you'd like to take home with you... Finally, we must mention Het Zwolse Balletjeshuis. Zwolse Balletjes are an authentic delicacy from the Hanseatic city, of which the recipe is centuries old.

The most delicious hotspots in Zwolle

The foodies among us will feel right at home in Zwolle. You have a huge choice of restaurants, lunchrooms and other catering establishments. The Gillende Keukenmeiden is one of them. That the girls of this ultra cute lunchroom can bake well is a fact. Choose homemade pastries, a lunch or a delicious high tea. All made from organic or locally sourced products!

Another hotspot Zwolle, where you can go for an all day brunch is Lots & More. This cozy spot has a diverse menu, consisting of sandwiches, organic yogurt, salads and coffee specialties. If you walk from the train station, past the Sassenpoort, to downtown Zwolle, you'll pass right by here. Lots & More](

One of the most unique spots in Zwolle, where you can eat great food is Blue Sakura. This all you can eat sushi restaurant is located in a former church at the Bethlehemkerkplein. Many authentic elements have been preserved and that makes a dinner at this hotspot Zwolle a unique experience. Almost around the corner from this sushi church, is Brasserie Jansen. This cozy restaurant is owned by the same owners as De Librije. At Brasserie Jansen cosiness is number 1 and you feel that immediately when you walk on the terrace. Pick a spot, choose something tasty from the menu and enjoy!

And we have already briefly touched on above, but De Librije is without a doubt one of Zwolle's greatest prides. This three Michelin-starred restaurant will give you an unforgettable experience. Taste, ambiance and service: if a dinner is somewhere to be taken care of down to the last detail, it is here.

Cultural hotspots Zwolle

We conclude with the culturally rich hotspots Zwolle. Because in addition to culinary enjoyment and good shopping, you can also visit museums, galleries and history in Zwolle. Museum de Fundatie is at the top when it comes to art. This particular museum in Zwolle has a large collection of modern art and is always exhibiting new collections.

Museum de Fundatie](

Opposite this culture-rich hotspot you'll find another gem: the Herman Brood Museum. This museum is entirely devoted to Herman Brood, who was born in Zwolle. The special works and personal items of the artist can be admired here. A brand new hotspot Zwolle in the field of museums is ANNO. This museum on the Melkmarkt tells you all the stories of Zwolle. Topics such as archaeology, history and monuments are exhibited here in a creative way to the public.

Let's be honest: actually we could add so many more hotspots to this list. The Hanseatic city of Zwolle has far too many nice places to describe them all! So plan a visit to Zwolle soon and discover it for yourself. We look forward to seeing you there! Which hotspot Zwolle is your favorite?

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