Restaurants in Zwolle

Looking for tips on the best restaurants in Zwolle? Then read on! Zwolle has developed in recent years as a culinary taste city. And that is also noticeable in the supply! There is something for everyone. Cozy terraces for drinks, delicious food from the world cuisines and even a top restaurant awarded a Michelin star.

Italian & Greek restaurants in Zwolle

The Greek cuisine and Italian cuisine are loved by many. Zwolle has adapted well to this desire, as there is much to offer regarding these delicious cuisines.

Il Carpaccio is an Italian restaurant in the center of Zwolle for true gourmets and gourmands. You will be pleasantly surprised when you enter the restaurant by the beautiful chandeliers, the spacious table arrangement and the cozy atmosphere. Moreover, the water runs into your mouth when you are handed the menu and when the weather is nice you can enjoy the cozy terrace.

D'Andreas is, just like Il Carpaccio, located on the Bethlehems Kerkplein. In 2018, Pietro d'Andrea opened the doors of his Ristorante Italiano. It is a place where you meet, enjoy and be seen. Where you celebrate, dine extensively and be surprised.

At Sirtaki you imagine for a moment that you are in the Greek world, which is centuries old. As you would expect from a Greek restaurant, they have all the traditional dishes on the menu. Will you go for the souflaki, gyros or bifteki?

Indian & Thai restaurants in Zwolle

At Indian restaurants & Thai restaurants there is endless play with the elements of salt, sour, sweet and hot. In this way, all the senses are stimulated. Go and enjoy yourself at Bai Yok or Mayur Kitchen.

Bai Yok is a household name in Zwolle, almost every inhabitant of Zwolle will recommend this Thai restaurant. The restaurant in the center of Zwolle has an extensive menu with a large number of Thai dishes. Moreover, there is plenty of choice between fish, meat and veg dishes.

Bai Yok in Zwolle
Bai Yok in Zwolle

For the India of Zwolle, you need to be at Mayur Kitchen. It started as a hobby for the hospitable owners, but now guests from far and wide come to enjoy the delicious aromas and flavors of this excellent Indian restaurant in Zwolle.

Chinese restaurants in Zwolle

Chinese restaurants are popular in the Netherlands: the Koe Loy Yuk, Babi Panggang and Nasi Goreng are available in almost every Chinese restaurant. But sometimes there is just a little difference between Chinese restaurants. We have highlighted two good Chinese restaurants for you.

Although Taiwan is still not officially recognized by the People's Republic of China, you notice nothing of that at Restaurant Taiwan in Zwolle. They serve the tastiest traditional Chinese dishes here, but are also innovating. Get reacquainted with Chinese cuisine here!

Kota Radja also has more to offer than just the dishes you are used to from a Chinese restaurant. Here they serve Asian Tapas from different Asian countries such as of course China, but also Japan and Thailand. Moreover, Kota Radja is experienced in receiving larger groups, so very suitable for your company party or something similar.

Sushi restaurants in Zwolle

Sushi is a phenomenon that flew over from Japan a few years ago. Meanwhile, the sushi restaurants are no longer indispensable from the streetscape. Also in Zwolle, there is no shortage of sushi restaurants! Can you already eat with chopsticks?

Fresh Japanese food in a unique location, it can at Blue Sakura. Blue Sakura is located in the old Bethlehem Church. The church has been transformed into a modern restaurant, but the authentic atmosphere has been preserved. You eat here for a fixed amount, so you can taste all the goodies on the menu together with your friends and/or family.

Silk is a sushi restaurant in Zwolle that takes you on a journey through culinary Asia. The guiding principle for the menu was the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a collection of land and sea routes between ancient China and the Western world, and owed its name to the large amounts of silk that was traded. The menu features authentic dishes from Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and China.

Best Restaurants in Zwolle

Zwolle is a Hanzestad with many nice and tasteful restaurants, some better than others. The combination of beautiful local produce, culinary knowledge and the magical place where these restaurants are located, make the places below perhaps the best restaurants of Zwolle. And with the wide range of restaurants in Zwolle center, there is always something delicious to eat.

Ox and Pepper in Zwolle
Ox and Pepper in Zwolle

Restaurant Poppe is located in a former farrier. In the open kitchen you can secretly watch how the chefs prepare your dish with care. Moreover, only the finest, freshest products are used. The menu is based on French cuisine, but there are also other arrangements such as 'the map of the blacksmith' or 'seasonal menus'. Combined with magnificent wines from the wine cellar, this culinary outing will be one to remember!

Do you like French restaurants and would you like to taste the French atmosphere in Zwolle? Pay a visit to Bistro De Buik van Parijs. Not only the menu, but also the interior is inspired by France. Enjoy delicious dishes with matching wines or tasty beers.

At Restaurant Os en Peper you can dine extensively in an atmospheric, informal and cozy environment. Because chef Ard cooks live for a maximum of 16 people, the quality of the dishes is guaranteed. You enjoy a fixed five-course menu, which changes every two months. This menu contains only fresh products with which the dishes are prepared with love and care. To finish it off, hostess Lisette ensures that you enjoy the most appropriate wines during the menu!

De Librije
De Librije

The Librije is now not only a household name in Zwolle, it has become a household name in the Netherlands. The owners Jonnie and Thérèse guarantee special wine and food combinations. They both grew up in the surroundings of Zwolle where all the special products can be found, which are nowadays used in the three-star restaurant. The restaurant is located in the old women's prison, where also Librije's Hotel and Librije's Atelier are located.