Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle

Are you a lover of visual arts and museums? Then don't skip the unique Museum de Fundatie. Museum de Fundatie owns and manages an extensive collection of visual arts. You can visit this collection and other exhibitions at two different locations: in Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle and in Kasteel het Nijenhuis near Heino. Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle is not to be missed if you are in Zwolle. During the walk from the station to the center you walk past the museum, which is located on the Blijmarkt. Because of 'the Cloud' on the roof of the historic building, the museum immediately attracts your attention. From this Cloud on the building, you have a beautiful view of the city center of Zwolle.

The exhibitions in the museum change regularly. But in addition to the changing exhibitions there is also a permanent collection of visual arts to admire. The permanent collection consists of international masterpieces and works of art by old masters. So besides all the other attractions in Zwolle, this is definitely one you should visit. Pay a visit to the museum and feast your eyes!

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Climb the Peperbus in Zwolle

As soon as Zwolle residents see the Peperbus, they know they are home. And that's not surprising, because at 75 meters high, you can see the city tower as soon as you drive into town. Construction of the Peperbus probably began in the 15th century. When a fire destroyed the cap in 1815, a new copper cap was put on in 1828. This gave rise to the name: Peperbus. The Peperbus is one of the most popular sights in Zwolle.

During a day in Zwolle, a visit to the Peperbus should not be missed. The city tower can be climbed to the first extent. This is located at a height of 51 meters, which is equal to 236 steps. Are you up to it?

Sassenpoort Zwolle

In the list of attractions in Zwolle, the Sassenpoort certainly deserves a spot. Just like the Peperbus, the Sassenpoort is also a Zwolle monument. The Sassenpoort is a city gate that was built in the 14th and 15th centuries as part of the city's defenses. Today, the Sassenpoort is a beautiful remnant of the medieval walls of the Hanseatic city.

The exterior of the city gate is beautiful, but the interior is also worth a visit. The Sassenpoort can be visited during opening hours. The staff will welcome you with open arms to tell you and your party all about it. A guide will passionately tell you all the stories you need to know about the Sassenpoort.

Waanders in the Broeren

All bookworms beware: Waanders in de Broeren is a unique bookstore. Even if you're not a bookworm, you'll feast your eyes in Waanders in de Broeren because there's much more than just books. The bookstore is located in a 15th century church, called the Broerenkerk. Besides books, you can also buy items that go with the books. Think of travel accessories that lie between the travel books.

Because the items in the Broerenkerk are divided into categories, the bookstore is very conveniently arranged, despite the size of the church. So you can easily find the books of your favorite author or genre. After browsing through the books and matching accessories, you can take a seat in the brasserie. Order a delicious lunch or a good cup of coffee with some goodies.

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Glass Angel in Zwolle

If you walk on the Grote Markt in Zwolle, you can't miss it: a glass statue of an angel. The Glazen Engel in Zwolle represents the archangel Saint Michael, the patron saint of Zwolle. According to a legend, Michael is said to have protected Zwolle from an attack by a dragon. Artist Herman Lamers designed the sculpture in 2009. The sculpture consists of no less than 350 layers of glass, each of which is one centimeter thick.

The Glazen Engels stands next to the Grote of Sint Michaëlskerk, on the Grote Markt of Zwolle. Also on the roof of the Grote of Sint Michaëlskerk is a statue of Archangel Michael. And while you're there, step inside the church. The church was built in the 14th and 15th centuries. Inside the church you'll find the world famous schnitger organ, a four-manual organ from 1721. The pulpit is also a unique part of the church.

Sights of interest outside of Overijssel

Besides all the sights in Zwolle, there are many more sights outside of Overijssel. For example, in Hattem you can find the Voerman Museum. In 1949, Hattem celebrated its 650th anniversary as a city, as Hattem received city rights in 1299. This anniversary was exuberantly celebrated with an exhibition. Here old pictures, writings and topographics of Hattem were shown. Because this was a great success, a so-called antiquities room was installed in 1971. A few renovations later, this became the Voerman Museum.