Theater De Spiegel - Zwolse Theaters

Spinhuisplein 14 8011 ZZ Zwolle

Theater De Spiegel: grand and with allure. The beautiful theater on the stylish Spinhuisplein. Where you go for a complete evening out and get culinary surprises with arrangements and dinners.

From the red plush seats you can enjoy big names and impressive international productions. A location that stimulates the senses and is regularly used for intimate meetings, large conferences and business events. The theater where people come together for cultural encounters: De Spiegel connects, touches and inspires.


The KEES is the copper plate in the theater that indicates the central spot on the stage. In Theater de Spiegel, KEES is the central place where the theater begins and ends. With a tasteful dinner before and delicious drinks after the performance, you will make your theater experience complete.