Atelier Knikker

Thorbeckegracht 27 8011 VM Zwolle

Galerie en Atelier Knikker was founded by artist Gerrit Knikker. In the gallery he exhibits all his work and it is also his workplace. You can literally look into the artist's kitchen.

Large canvases with Acrylic paint in abstract form are on display, as well as smaller works passionately created. In addition, he finds it a challenge to discover new techniques with new materials, formats and colors. Because of this his abstract style is constantly changing. Gerrit started painting in his own living room, but after a while this room became too small and he could no longer place his work. During a walk through the neighborhood he came across 'his' building.

In August 2012 he opened his gallery at the Thorbeckegracht in Zwolle. Here he leads with great enthusiasm everyone who visits the gallery around. In addition, he has all the space to work on his artworks. After three years of working alone in the gallery, it is now time for a change. His daughter Rozemarijn will support him so that Gerrit will have more time to paint.