Hiking with a guide

Popular city walks and more

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Hiking with a guide is so much more than just taking a walk. It is a journey through time, a dive into history and a chance to hear stories you don't just read in a booklet. As you stroll the streets of a (new) city, you hear from the guide things you might otherwise miss.

Guided city walk

A city walk with a guide is the way to really get to know a city. Instead of just walking around looking at buildings and monuments without context, a guide tells you about the rich history and compelling stories that make a city unique.

Imagine this: you are walking down a street and see an old building. You wonder exactly what it is. The guide walking beside you tells you all about it. Who lived there? What happened there? What does this building mean to the city and its people? A guided city walk changes your perspective and makes your visit to a city that much richer.

City Guide in Zwolle


Zwolle has a historic city center, winding canals and beautiful facades. You can discover the city perfectly on foot. And with a city guide by your side, you'll get to places you might not think of on your own. Zwolle's city guides are both experts and passionate about their city. They are happy to share the stories and legends that give Zwolle its character.

Whether you are interested in the history of the Hanseatic League, the architecture of the Peperbus or the culinary traditions of this Overijssel city, a city guide in Zwolle will give you a look behind the scenes.

Guided city walk in Zwolle

Zwolle has several city walks you can do, each with its own theme or focus. Some of the city walks in Zwolle are:

  • Tour de Hanze
  • Literary walk
  • Zwolle 'from the art
  • Women's walk

We explain a number of guided city walks in Zwolle.

Tour de Hanze

If you want to learn everything about the Hanseatic city, the Tour de Hanze is perfect for you. This is because the Tour de Hanze is the walk that has everything in it. Be surprised by the history, monuments, beautiful buildings, art, small alleys, atmospheric vistas and narrow streets. Marvel at the beautiful and exciting stories that can be told about Zwolle. The guide will tell you all about it!

Literary walk

Get acquainted with all the literary secrets of Zwolle during the literary walk. The guide tells you everything about writers, books and stories about Zwolle. From past and present. You will learn which writers lived in Zwolle and what they wrote.

Along the way you will encounter surprisingly many famous, but also lesser known names. They all wrote about or in the city of Zwolle. From E.J. Potgieter, Rhijnvis Feith, Thomas a Kempis and Willem Bartjens to Kader Abdolah, Herman Brood and OpgeZwolle.

Zwolle 'out of art'

Do you like visual arts and history? Then Zwolle 'out of art' is a fun walk for you. During this guided walk, you will get to know Zwolle through the images in the city. You will see the city through the eyes of the artist. You will experience the history of Zwolle through the works of art in the city.

Women's walk

The women's walk may sound like a walk especially for women, but nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone is welcome to do the walk. The women's walk is built around a number of special Zwolse Women. You will hear the story about a painter from the Golden Age, a convicted murderess and about a soldier who was actually a woman.

More guided walks in Zwolle

There are many more guided walks in Zwolle. Some walks are: Modern Devotion, War in Zwolle and a walk through Jewish Zwolle. Check out all the guided walks in Zwolle and find out which one you like!

[All guided walks in Zwolle]](https://www.stadswandelingzwolle.nl/ "" B)

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Are you a local who wants to discover the hidden treasures of your own city or is this your first time in Zwolle and would you like to discover the depths of the city? Either way: walking with a guide is the key to an unforgettable experience. Put on your walking shoes and dive into the stories hidden behind every corner!

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