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The best tours by bike and a guide

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Cycling is popular in the Netherlands. And rightly so! A bicycle tour is the ideal way to explore an area, because you can cover more miles on a bicycle than on foot. And what could be better than cycling with someone who knows the way? A guide will take you on hidden paths, point out special sights and tell you the stories that bring the place to life. You can read all about cycling with a guide here. Is your steel steed ready yet?

Guided bike tour

Cycling in the Netherlands? Always a good idea! But biking with a guide? Even better! A guided bike tour combines the best of both worlds: being active outdoors and discovering a (new) city. On a bike you see a lot in a short time. And thanks to the guide, you discover unknown paths, stories and secrets that you might miss if you go on your own.

As you cycle from one highlight to the next, the guide will tell you about the history, culture and special places you encounter along the way. If you're looking for an interactive way to discover a city, guided biking is the way to go.

Guided biking in Zwolle

Zwolle, the capital of Overijssel, is a perfect destination for a guided bike tour. The city is known for its rich history and atmospheric city center. At the same time, it is a vibrant city full of students and creative entrepreneurs. The city is located in a beautiful region with vast landscapes. Cycle along the river IJssel, admire the Sassenpoort or visit Hattem, a picturesque village next to Zwolle.

Ever cycled through the streets of Zwolle and wondered what's behind those old facades? With a guide you will find out! Zwolle is full of surprises. And of course there is plenty of time for a break with a Zwolle snack.

Biking with guide
Biking with guide

By biking in Zwolle with a guide, you not only see the highlights of the city, but also discover the surrounding region. Your guide can take you along the IJssel River, through green meadows or past historic farms, while hearing stories and anecdotes along the way. Or choose a bike tour where the guide tells stories about a specific theme, such as shipping or Zwolle during the war.

Bicycle tours in Zwolle

Zwolle is a city rich in history and culture. Several bicycle tours highlight these important parts of the city. Fancy a ride? We explain a few options.

War in Zwolle

During the guided bike tour called 'Oorlog in Zwolle' you will learn all about Zwolle's role in the war. The bike tour starts in the center, where you cycle past a number of historical sites. Soon you leave the center, to visit other Zwolle places that played a major role in the war.

Zwolle, Shipping City

During the bicycle tour 'Scheepsvaartstad Zwolle' you will learn all about Zwolle's shipping industry, with the Willemsvaart as your anchorage. The guide will tell you about the rich history of Zwolle's waterways, ports, quays, bridges and stopping points.

Other guided bike tours

Would you like to follow a other guided bike tour? You can! After all, Zwolle is a city with more than enough stories. Take a look between all the guided cycling tours. Is your ideal bike tour not listed? Send us a message. A lot is possible!

Cycling with a guide](

Why cycling with a guide?

Cycling with a guide is an experience in itself. You are together with other people nice and active. At the same time you learn, discover and get connected to a city. Cycling with a guide has many other advantages. We list three advantages for you:

  • A guide knows all the ins and outs of a city. Whether it's the history of a century-old building or the best local café, you'll get insider information not found in typical tourist guides.
  • With a guide, you'll discover places you might never find on your own. From quaint alleys to hidden gems, you'll see the real character of a city.
  • No worries about getting lost. The guide has mapped out a route for you. All you have to do is follow the guide, listen to interesting stories and ask all the questions that come to mind.

By bicycle taxi


Don't feel like cycling yourself for a while? Then explore Zwolle from the Fietsjoe, a comfortable bicycle cab with an open cabin. Two adults can ride along and your guide (the cyclist) will show you the most beautiful spots of Zwolle and tell you a lot about the city. A playful way of a city tour! Especially for loving moments, such as your wedding day or Valentine's Day, there is the love cab or the festive betjak.

Guided cycling offers a unique experience for anyone who likes to discover a new city, learn about its history and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you choose a tour in the bustling heart of Zwolle or the peaceful rural routes beyond, it is an unforgettable experience.

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