Ronald Westerhuis on ENERGY

''The magic of nature, building, technology and art makes a beautiful whole.''

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Harculo and thus the Koelwaterhal is one of three hotspots in Zwolle's Hanseatic Year program. The exhibition ENERGY includes work by 19 contemporary artists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain and Switzerland. We talked to initiator Ronald Westerhuis:

What does the exhibition ENERGY have to do with the Hanseatic year?

During the Hanze it was mainly about making "connections," internationally. Now we are also strengthening our city culturally by networking internationally and laying the foundation for Zwolle Cultural Capital 2033. It's an exchange of cultures, thoughts and action, in short [ENERGY](event://114670 """). And with the Koelwaterhal as an essential component, it reinforces not only the title but also the vision: from old to new energy.

What can we expect when visiting ENERGY and the Cooling Water Hall?

We tell the story of Harculo in photos and items from its rich history, we show you what we did with the building, respecting machinery and installations. In between is the beauty of art. I am now working on an installation 20 meters high: INSIDE MY HEAD, which is totally new to me. We invite everyone to simply experience this unique building - with tall windows 14 meters high and water cellars 10 meters deep - and enjoy Coolwater Food & Drinks on the grounds. There are also lectures, music performances and the venue can be rented for meetings. The ultimate place where beauty of architecture, science, technology, culture and art come together.

What other plans do you have in Harculo?

I approach the Cooling Water Hall as my artwork that I hope to be working on for a long time to come. The Cooling Water Hall is going to be "Off the Grid," meaning self-sufficient in water, heat, electricity and food. It is going to be a place of positive energy, a personal vision of the future. A public place of inspiration for Zwolle, Overijssel and beyond.

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