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Hanseatic year activities

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In Zwolle's Spoorzone, work is underway to create an area where creative and innovative entrepreneurship, art, events and the training of tomorrow's talents take center stage. During the Hanseatic Year, everyone from the city and far beyond is welcome in the characteristic area where we offer a diverse and attractive cultural program during the period from late June to early September.

The Spoorzone accentuates Zwolle as a hub in the region with wide connections to the west (Randstad) and the east (Germany). This new Hanseatic Beacon provides ample 'runway' for new connections in and with the city through creative cultural experiments. Young creators from the creative industry can be found here.

What to expect?

In and around Perron038 we realize a cozy indoor and outdoor space with an artistic urban atmosphere. You can visit a number of larger events, take a look at the realization of special projects in which young talent collaborate with experienced professionals and in the weekends enjoy exhibitions, poetry & literature, music, theater and dance in the form of performances and workshops for all ages.

Activities Hanseatic Year 2023

  • Hanze Art Station](event://111836 "")
    Hanze Art Station is a temporary cultural hotspot in Zwolle's Spoorzone. As part of the Hanze Year, the area next to the railroad and bus bridge will be transformed into a vibrant, creative place where there will be something to do continuously during the weekends from July 14 to September 17, 2023.

  • (Ex-)Change
    The PROTO Art & Design Festival is a collaboration of the creative mbo and hbo programs in Zwolle, where students can show their work at various locations. This happens, among other things, in the Spoorzone, where in the future the training programs Artez, Cibap and Museum de Fundatie will form a new cultural center together. June 24-September 24

Other activities

  • During the weekends of the summer holidays. Changing exhibits Cultural workshops & activities for all ages including children's activities by Common Ground For Kids among others Various performances and shows in cooperation with partners and makers from Overijssel such as Hedon, Colored Monkeys, the Nederlands Bach Consort, Common Ground, Linea Rekta and many others. Talent development projects

More information about all activities and events at Hanze Art Station

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