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Wondering where to find all the events of the Hanseatic year? You can now do so via the Hanzeroutes webapp where you can find all locations and the program. For nine months the nine Hanseatic cities are packed with events! But what is there to do in Zwolle and where can you find it?

For this, there is now the Hanseatic Routes Web App that gives everyone access directly on their phone to the complete Hanseatic Year program as well as the location and a convenient route provides real-time guidance to the location.


In collaboration with the Hanze Year production team, Foster and Creative Impact Agency, the initiative was created to increase the visibility of not only the Academy House, Hanze Art Station and Central Harculo and the planned events but also to give creative freedom to entrepreneurs and creatives.


A number of initiatives have already arisen to make use of the hanzeroutes webapp: the Hanze Whiskey Tour, Hanze Wine tour, the Hanze motorcycle tour that calls at all 9 Hanze cities and the Night Mayors have developed a special Kroegentocht XXL. Without booking, you can start your route and report at the first point and indicate that you are walking a route.


More events and routes will be added over the next few weeks. Also, the Hanseatic Year production team is appealing to all creative and business owners to come forward if they have fun and creative ideas they would like to add. The production team can be reached at productieteam@hanzejaar-zwolle.nl.

To the Hanseatic Routes app.

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