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Katja Scholing calls herself an import Blauwvinger: she did not grow up in Zwolle, but has lived most of her life in our city. Besides living, she also works in Zwolle, for Safety Region IJsselland. In addition, she has her own company, Atelier Blikvangers. In her spare time she is a Takkewijf and wall smuggler at Trotse Muren, for which she takes care of the social media. With 7 other wall smugglers she wants to make Zwolle even more beautiful. With the emphasis on 'even', because Zwolle is already great!

Does Meppel lie within a stone's throw of Zwolle? That is where I grew up. Sometimes we went shopping in Zwolle. I can still remember that we once met Herman Brood, he had a parrot on his shoulder. That made quite an impression...

My further education was in Zwolle, every day with line 40 to the Hanze College. Then I did not know that a few years later I would move to this great city. Meanwhile, I live more than 20 years in Zwolle and I never want to leave! When we drive towards Zwolle after a vacation on the A28, cross the IJssel river and see the Peperbus in the distance, then I come home again.

I live on a great spot, just outside the center of Zwolle, with water in front of the door where my boat is. But I'm also in the countryside, in the area behind the hospital I can regularly be found walking or running. And the lights of the PEC stadium barely reach my balcony. I can be found there at every home game by the way, because I have had a season ticket for about 10 years. Fun fact, my boyfriend and I first spotted each other in the stands over 8 years ago. He is a true Blauwvinger by the way.

If you are regularly in the center of Zwolle then you have probably already walked past a Trotse Muur. By now there are 6 Trotse Walls in and around the city center of Zwolle.


Trotse Muren originated in the creative brain of the Zwolle artist Lonneke van Zutphen. In the many cities she visited she saw amazing murals. And that's what she missed in Zwolle. A city bursting with creativity, among other things because of its many creative schools, and art and culture. Lonneke gathered a number of enthusiastic ladies - and I am one of them - around her who had and have the same mission: to make Zwolle even more beautiful. We do this by adding high-quality street art to the streetscape. In this we work together with talented artists. But also with the municipality and other organizations and businesses in Zwolle. In addition, we involve residents and entrepreneurs in the immediate vicinity of a Trotse Muur. In 2022 a number of Trotse Muren will be realized again. Follow us on Instagram to see where.

Top 3 of Katja

Take a tour of all the Proud Walls. There is no official Proud Walls route yet but one is in the works. On the website of Trotse Muren you will find the locations of all the walls. Grab your bike, find them and admire them.

Brasserie de Hofvlietvilla is the place where you, inside or on the terrace, have a great view of the beautiful city center of Zwolle and the Peperbus. By the way, this is also the place where during a high wine the Takkewijven were born.

I always advise a visit to Van der Velde in de Broeren. to someone who asks me for tips on what to do in Zwolle. Even though there are several churches in the Netherlands converted into bookstores, Waanders in de Broeren is really the most beautiful. Or am I biased?

**Do you see yourself as a real Zwolle inhabitant? Do you see the ECO system in the city? Are you proud of Zwolle and do you want to tell others more about your city by writing a blog? Mail us at info@zwollemarketing.nl and maybe we will contact you!

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