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Emmely Lefevre was born and raised in Steenwijk, but nowhere feels more at home than in Zwolle. You can meet her as the owner of Ditis'Em, the agency in the Zwolle region that helps organizations with transitions and innovations, as a presenter in front of the camera or somewhere partying in the city. This is her blog about #ikbeneenzwollenaar.

As a little girl I regularly went with my mother to Zwolle, the big city! Getting a ham sandwich with a thick layer of butter from the V&D and then visiting the Melkmarkt was a real adventure. Zwolle impressed me with its beautiful old buildings and its modern stores. And in fact it still does. Every day when I bike to our office in the Sassenstraat I'm aware that I'm a huge lucky bastard that I can live and work here.

Meanwhile I have been living in Zwolle for more than 15 years. What I find so unique about Zwolle is the fact that I'm within 5 minutes in nature. I love to run in the Engelse Werk or along the Vecht. But I also like to get on the mountain bike with the love of my life Luc for a ride around Hattem or, a bit further, the Lemelerberg. Since last year we have been sharing a small boat with friends. It is behind our house and as soon as the sun starts shining we get into the boat for a tour of the city center. Big tip for boating enthusiasts: through the small window of the ship 'De Kwaak' you can order delicious croquettes from your boat!

To customers who are not from Zwolle I often say: 'Zwolle is a city with a village character'. With that I mean that Zwolle has everything a city should have. Beautiful museums, stores, nightlife, parks, our PEC Zwolle, cool companies and good educational institutions. Moreover, Zwolle is close to the highway and we also have a fantastic train connection. Not surprising that so many people from the West are now lining up for a house in Zwolle. But Zwolle is also a bit like 'us versus us' and that's why doing business here is so nice. By nature, there is a sense of partnership here. We take the time to get to know each other, because we know that together we can do things even better and more beautiful.

I have discovered that this is not so obvious everywhere in the Netherlands. Therefore we have very consciously chosen to stay in Zwolle and to establish our company here.

Yes, I want to grow old here! And I'm going to do that with the following 3 tips:

  1. Thursday night is our date night! When it's not corona time, we often go for a drink at café Stroomberg on the Brink, a dark brown pub like a dark brown pub should be. And yes there it comes again ... they also have delicious bitterballen!
  2. Take the bike for a 'round Zwolle' (just follow the signs) or take the ferry to Hattem or Zalk. Something more sporty? There are beautiful mountain bike routes in the area! Think of the woods in Hattem and the Zwolse Bos, Staphorst or De Lemelerberg.
  3. Go boating through the canals of downtown Zwolle! Lovely to stop for a drink at the Stadsstrand or at 't Beugeltje.

    And if you are sailing on the Thorbeckegracht do not forget to order something tasty at De Kwaak through the window of the ship.

Bonus tip: Carnival is not only for below the rivers, in Sassendonk (Zwolle) you can also extremely well 'hossen'. At least ..., if you are open to it :) If you really want to go Sassendonks, then order a 'blue hand' in the pub, whether you like it or not.

**Do you see yourself as a real Zwollenaar? Do you see the ECO system in the city? Are you proud of Zwolle and do you want to tell others more about your city by writing a blog too? Mail us at info@zwollemarketing.nl and maybe we will contact you!

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