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For almost 25 years, Elles Hetebrij has been running a successful café on the Nieuwe Markt in Zwolle, which bears her last name. Recently, the cozy restaurant 'Meneer Jan' was added. Her last name is special: "I used to be laughed at a lot because of it, but nowadays the name is very appropriate, because many people like to beat around the bush", says Elles. In this blog she talks about her city, which is still a daily voyage of discovery.

Many people think I know the city, but every day I discover special places in our beautiful city Zwolle. A city with so many hidden gems, you never leave. Elles dog: Noppes](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/200402-1639494590/C200X200/wandelen+met+hond+vierkant.png)I live on the Oude Veerweg, which is a beautiful street with beautiful old trees. From my house I walk with my four-legged friend Noppes in the direction of the English Work. It is a beautiful park and the road towards it, across the Katerveersluizen, never bores. You see regularly bridal couples posing for the photographer.

The lawns around the Katerveers Locks bring me a lot of sun and swimming pleasure every summer. The antique locks still allowed boats to moor at the new jetties a few years ago. It is a great loss for Zwolle that the locks have been closed. Fortunately, the youth enjoy the greenery. They sunbathe and swim in and around the closed lock. A little further on I walk to the IJssel, where the fishermen and water sports enthusiasts are launching their boats. For dessert, I walk through the Engelse Werk back to my home port. I never get bored with water, I always want to live close to it. Preferably close to the IJssel, for me the most special river of the Netherlands.

Father Jan Hetebrij](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/200404-1639494886/C200X200/vader+jan+hetebrij.JPG)Sometimes I take a different route and walk with my psychiatrist on four legs (Noppes) to the city center of Zwolle. Of course on my way to my beloved workplace café De Hete Brij and the recently opened restaurant Meneer Jan (named after my father) on the Nieuwe Markt. For me it has become a special place and a very nice square. I used to live above the business, now it serves as a meeting and party room. I have experienced the hustle and bustle of the inner city as a gift. The market, parties, residents and entrepreneurs. An island in itself with mutual warmth and good contact.

I feel a proud Zwollenaar, this is the city where I was born. Yet I can't help but mention that I was very happily raised in Wijhe. The pearl on the IJssel river. I am proud of Zwolle, if only because of the fact that the city has developed enormously. From a dormitory town to a full-fledged and lively city. Now the inner city even more car-free and then we really are a mature city.

I like tall buildings. So it won't surprise you that I feel very happy when I see the ABN tower near the A28 motorway. Then I realize that I'm safely home again. Then I quickly grab my bike to go to work along the Sassenpoort. You only know how beautiful your city is when you've missed it.

Being able to cycle to work I experience as a great privilege, I realize that every day. The streets leading to the inner city are filled with special stores. Take the Sassenstraat, Oude Vismarkt, Jufferenwal and also the shopping areas outside the Zwolle canal. Great example; take the Bio Shop of owner Chris Okonurobo from Nigeria, then you are on vacation in your own city. The whole Thomas à Kempis street is a beautiful experience of different cultures and special toko's. I hope many more will come. Assendorp and Holtenbroek are neighborhoods to be proud of.

The shopping Sundays bring a lot of fun and have woken up the city. The hospitality industry has expanded and become more professional for the benefit of the city. New plans give me a feeling that the city is always on the move. Just like the river IJssel, the city of Zwolle is always moving and that gives a nice feeling.

Top three spots of Elles:

  • The Katerveersluizen: beautiful place to walk along and a very suitable location for a photo shoot.
  • De Sassenpoort](event://90825 ""): The medieval city gate is an impressive sight that shows the rich past of this Hanseatic city. The gate is open to the public several days a week.
  • The IJssel: The most extraordinary river in the Netherlands. Along the banks and river forelands you can get a breath of fresh air.

**Do you see yourself as a real Zwollenaar? Do you see the ECO system in the city? Are you proud of Zwolle and do you want to tell others more about your city by writing a blog too? Mail us at info@zwollemarketing.nl and maybe we will contact you!

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