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Arend Kisteman is not unknown to many people in Zwolle. At an early age he established himself as a City Baker on the Blijmarkt in Zwolle. With his 'Twitter bread' the creative entrepreneur made headlines worldwide. In 2020 Arend celebrated the tenth anniversary of his bakery and he is still bursting with creativity and ideas. Why Arend is so fond of Zwolle, you can read in the blog below.

'Zwolle is the most beautiful city in the Netherlands, with a lot of village characteristics.' Whenever I am somewhere and I describe Zwolle, I always end up with this sentence. When I was six I came to live in Zwolle with my parents, sisters and brother. Not a real Blauwvinger perhaps, but all my memories are in this city. I grew up in the south of the city, did anti-squat in Holtenbroek and after a few years in the inner city I ended up in Wipstrik, together with my wife and two daughters, now three and five years old. For studies and work experiences I lived outside Zwolle many times, but I always came back to 'my' city Zwolle.

As a child I once had the thought of becoming mayor here. Probably at that time I had no idea what that meant exactly. Since I am chairman of the NBOV and work more outside Zwolle, driving over the IJssel really feels like coming home. On the left the IJssel Tower, on the right the old IJssel Bridge and in the distance the Peperbus. Modern and history close together and that fits this city exactly. An old city center with many beautiful buildings, but also the modern areas where living, working and business go together very well.

The nice thing about Zwolle is that you can do a lot on the bike. The city is centrally located and there are many possibilities to park your bike. Our children love to be in the city. The lichtjesroute, the City Festival or just shopping. The distances are small and therefore easy to walk. The many parks and petting zoos make Zwolle a very suitable city for small children. It also shows that Zwolle is sometimes like a village. Wherever you are, you will meet acquaintances everywhere.

On the outskirts of Zwolle is a lot to do. Take the ferry to Hattem and for the more distant cyclists the ferry between Zalk and 's Heerenbroek. A visit to De Vreugdehoeve is a must. You can watch the sheep being milked and in the meantime enjoy something tasty or go to the playground. In the summer to the Wythemerplas or to the Kas van Kaat.

Zwolle is also the ideal city to do business. A lot is given to each other here. If it's possible, it's done locally. Also here the village characteristics have a lot of advantage. Entrepreneurs know each other and are quick to refer to each other. The regional appeal of Zwolle is enormous. The center is easy to reach, just leave the highway, park your car and you're there.

Sometimes I hear people say they regret leaving Zwolle. Considering all the developments that the city has gone through I certainly understand that. Once you're there you don't leave anymore!

In a top 3 this city cannot be summarized, but these are for me the nicest places:

  • The Wezenlandenpark with the petting zoo and the Park Pavilion is the ideal combination. At the petting zoo the children can play, feed the animals and then through the larger playground or skate park to the Park Pavilion where you can eat and drink.
  • A membership at the open air pool is surely a must as a resident of Zwolle. For both adults and children it is a great place to be in summer. If the water is a bit too cold you can lie in the grass and have a nice picnic.
  • The center of Zwolle makes the top 3 complete. Whether you come in the morning or evening, there is always something to see and do. The range of stores and cultural buildings is very diverse and there is enough diversity for lunch, dinner or drinks. Ask in advance whether the bread is from De Stadsbakker.

**Do you see yourself as a real Zwollenaar? Do you see the ECO system in the city? Are you proud of Zwolle and do you want to tell others more about your city by writing a blog too? Mail us at and maybe we will contact you!

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