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Anne Exterkate moved from Hengelo to Zwolle 7 years ago to study Illustration Design at ArtEZ Zwolle. During his studies he started working in the hospitality industry at 'De Vier Jaargetijden' and now he works at restaurant 'Meneer Jan'. Besides the catering industry, Anne works as a visual artist under the name Schavuit Artwork. This month there is an exhibition of his free work in the upper room of 'Café de Hete Brij'. He also sings with the Zwolle men's choir Koorbazen, with whom they give national shows and develop and perform their own theater productions. In this blog you can read about his Zwolle.

Most beautiful places in Zwolle

For me the most beautiful place in Zwolle is the Westerveldse Bos and the forelands at the Zwarte Water. I always call this my backyard, because when I walk out of my apartment on the Palestrinalaan I'm practically already on the dike and in the woods. There I go for a walk or a run and in winter I combine these two activities with a swim in the cold water of the floodplain. In the summer, I also often sit with a sketchbook on this "old garbage dump". I love these places because they allow me to be alone and at peace with my own thoughts. I love the city, but I love the peace that a piece of nature can bring me at least as much and fortunately Zwolle offers more than enough space for both.

Within the city canal, the Thorbeckegracht is my favorite place. It takes you back in time, past the old canal houses and ships that are docked. The road is still laid with old bricks and the little bridges that connect it to the downtown area.

©Gijs Versteeg
©Gijs Versteeg

The city of Zwolle feels like a village

Zwolle has the status of a big city with the geniality of a village. There is enough commotion. There are different types of stores, restaurants, all sorts of activities to undertake and meanwhile the people are also committed to each other. There is also room for creativity, which the city encourages, and that is something to be proud of. In terms of restaurants you can find something from vegan to barbecue junk and also in terms of entertainment there is plenty to do. At night to the cafes in the Voorstraat for dancing and shenanigans or quietly a beer in one of the many brown pubs hidden throughout the city.

Top 3 of Anne

  • Restaurant Meneer Jan, on the Nieuwe Markt, where I work as a host. You will find here since 2019 a small restaurant where you can have a good lunch, drink or dinner for great prices. The vega(n) bitterballen and croquettes from 'Zwolsche Zwammen' are highly recommended and the soup that changes daily is also incredibly good. In the form of the Pan van Jan you will also find a daily changing main course.
  • Jack's Music Bar on the Sassenstraat. Live music, rock 'n' roll, bottled beers and home-brewed Moonshine. This most mixed pub in the city center, with on the face of it the most dangerous guests, has by far the most relaxed atmosphere in Zwolle.
  • Culture Training Club at the Schoenerweg is a small calisthenics gym with everything you need. Owner Joël is a cool young guy who wants to help you with everything and knows what he's talking about.

#I'm a swollen guy

Do you see yourself as a real Zwollenaar? Do you see the ECO system in the city? Are you proud of Zwolle and do you want to tell others about your city by writing a blog? Mail us at and maybe we will contact you!

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