Picnics in Zwolle

The best spots for a stopover!

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Picnic in Zwolle is a perfect activity. Get a nice snack & drink in the city, bring a game and go enjoy! Below you'll find eight tips on the best places to picnic.

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    The Vreugderijkerwaard is a beautiful river landscape full of special plants and birds. In the area you can make beautiful hiking and cycling tours, for example walk the Laarzenpad. In addition, the Vreugderijkerwaard is designed so that you can spot many birds. There is a bird observatory from where you can admire special birds, but to protect the vulnerable species, the whole area is not freely accessible. For this you can join an excursion with one of the rangers. The special picnic area in this nature reserve offers a beautiful view over the river IJssel.

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    Het Engelse Werk

    The Spoolderbos and the English work are one of the parks in Zwolle. In the 16th century this area served as a line of defense, it was then called Het Nieuwe Werk. In 1828 the park was rebuilt as a walking area, which was then also named Het Engelse Werk because of the application of the English landscape style. Since a number of years there has been an inhabited beaver lodge and for lovers there is a bird-watching hut. In addition, a restaurant has been built in the area, where you can get delicious, filled picnic baskets!

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    Het Westerveldse Bos

    The Westerveldse Bos is a recreational area with plenty of walking routes and mountain bike paths. Through the efforts of man, a varied nature reserve has been created. A few years ago the forest has had a facelift. At the place where the Zwarte Water and the Vecht merge there is a new lookout point and there are a number of new walking paths. A nice place to have a picnic!

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    Park Eekhout

    Park Eekhout was originally the spacious garden of Villa Eekhout. As early as 1911 the Villa was purchased by the municipality, which made the park around the villa freely accessible to everyone. In the park there is plenty to do: there is an animal pasture, a fountain and you can admire various works of art. Every year, on Queen's Day, the attractive children's and family festival Oranjepret is organized. There are all kinds of activities for children such as theater, music, dance and more. There is also a tearoom where you can enjoy all kinds of delicacies or a nice drink. The park is located on the edge of Zwolle's city center, making it popular with the people of Zwolle.

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    De Potgietersingel

    The potgietersingel is in place three of the busiest parks in Zwolle. On hot days, chances are that the park is full of people wanting to enjoy the sunshine by the water. This park is also located in the center, it is not for nothing that it is called the green city heart of Zwolle.

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    The Nooterhof park has been a place for everyone who loves peace and greenery for years. It is an ideal place to spend a day with children. The park features a water playground, an apiary, ecologically managed gardens and more. In addition, the park has an educational character that focuses on nature, environment and sustainability. At the Nooterhof, for example, you can obtain a self-education box of soil animals in which you learn all about these hidden critters. In the park you can also admire the special building Tea-house Earthship, this building is fully self-sufficient in terms of water and energy.

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    Ter Pelkwijkpark

    Like Park Eekhout, Ter Pelkwijkpark is located in the center of Zwolle, named after the Overijssel politician Johannes ter Pelkwijk. Ter Pelkwijkpark consists of a large lawn with a number of trees, a memorial of the Second World War and a path along the water. Get tasty snacks and drinks in town and enjoy at this beautiful spot.

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    Park de Wezenlanden

    Park de Wezenlanden is the largest park in Zwolle. It is a place where (almost) everything is possible. It is a nice place to exercise, have a drink or just relax. There is a children's farm with playground, a skate track, a basketball court, the panna soccer field and many walking paths with a green environment. In addition, this park hosts major events. Freedom is celebrated here every year during the Liberation Festival, but it also regularly serves as the start of a running race. Have you spent the whole day relaxing in the park, and do you feel like something to eat and/or drink? At Park de Wezenlanden you will find the beautiful Park Pavilion de Wezenlanden: a nice place to enjoy a drink with a Spanish twist from the chef.

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